Maple Street Chapel

The Maple Street Chapel was dedicated on May 29, 1870,
not quite a year after a previous house of worship on the
opposite corner of Main and Maple Street was consumed
by a fire. It did not take long for the new building to become an important piece of the fabric of the Lombard Community.

The first town meetings for the Village were held in the Chapel.
The Reade Room, at the south end of the Chapel
building, served as the Village’s first library.
The bell in the steeple not only called people to worship on Sunday mornings, but also summoned the Village’s volunteer fire department.

Visit the chapel at the southwest corner of Main and Maple Streets in Lombard, just a few houses east of Lombard Historical Society's Victorian Cottage.

To see historic exterior and interior photos, view the Chapel's web site




Maple Street Chapel (circa 1900)


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