Lombard: The Lilac Village

Our Beautiful Lilacs

Around the turn of the century, Lombard philanthropist William R. Plum and his wife Helen purchased two lilac bushes in France and brought them back to their home at Park and Maple. 

Over the following twenty years, the Plums traveled the world and increased their collection to over 200 varieties.  Upon his death in 1927, Plum gave his property to the Village to be used as the first public park, and his home to be used as the first public library.  This generous act of philanthropy permanently established the Lombard Park District, the Helen M. Plum Memorial Library, and Lombard as “The Lilac Village”.

To learn more about Colonel Plum's legacy, take a Heritage Tour of Lilacia Park during Lombard's Lilac Time in May.







Colonel Plum tending his lilacs.

Fragrant lilacs and tulips adorn Lilacia Park each spring.
Lilacia Park is located at Park and Parkside in Lombard, Illinois. View map


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