Sunday, October 19
Downtown Lombard 11:00-4:00pm
Victorian Cottage 1:00-4:00pm

Join us downtown for a fun trick-or-treating puppet craft, or here at the Victorian Cottage where you can get your own spirit photograph taken...who will appear in your picture?

Fri, Oct. 24
Members-only Exhibit Sneak Peek
5 - 7pm in the Carriage House

LHS members are invited to a special look at our new permanent exhibit in the Carriage House.

Sat, Nov. 1
Christmas Mart
Victorian Cottage/Maple Street 9:00-2:00pm

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Community Memorial to Bill Mueller

Plans to remember long-time Village President William "Bill" Mueller are progressing. To contribute to the project, visit the Community Memorial Site web site.

Mourning & Melancholia

Sept 16 - Nov 14:
Visit our new exhibit at the Victorian Cottage. Learn about - superstitions and customs surrounding death in the Victorian Era. See the coffin in the front parlor, and learn why the mirrors are draped with black fabric.

Visit Mourning & Melancholia 1-4pm on Wednesdays, Fridays, and Sundays.

Carriage House Capital Campaign

Why did we expand the Carriage House?

  • The Society received a $70,000 grant provided construction was completed in 2012. We met that goal on time!
  • To bring this village-owned property into ADA-compliance
  • To enhance our ability to tell Lombard’s stories through exciting and interactive exhibits
  • To add the capacity to host classrooms of students, and to offer expanded tours

Why did the Village of Lombard give money to this project?

  • Capital improvement of a village-owned property (sidewalks, sewer/water, and fire/burglar protection)
  • The village has maintained the carriage house since 1980 when it was placed on the Maple Street property
  • The Village also loaned money to the Historical Society to be repaid by 2015.

I love Lombard! How can I donate to this project?

  • Thank you! Visit our donation page for details.
  • We need $30,000 more to complete the project.

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