Chickens. We're thrilled to announce chickens are living at the Victorian Cottage this summer! Many Victorian homes kept chickens for their fresh and delicious eggs. One of our great CSA partners, Walnut Acres Family Farm, is loaning the chickens to us.

Learn more about the chickens and how you can help care for the chickens on our Summer Chickens page. Donations for feed are also welcome!

Chicken Chat: Sunday, August 10 at 2pm.

Vintage photo of Mrs. Thomas and her chickens next to the Victorian Cottage - circa 1890s. (Click photo for larger view.)


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Community Memorial to Bill Mueller

Plans to remember long-time Village President William "Bill" Mueller are underway. To contribute to the project, visit the Community Memorial Site web site.


August 22 - 24

Celebrate the 175th birthday of the oldest home in Lombard! More details>>

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Visit our temporary exhibit at the Carriage House on Weds, Fri, and Sundays 1-4pm. Read about and view artifacts from Lombard's many talented residents.

Carriage House Capital Campaign

Why did we expand the Carriage House?

  • The Society received a $70,000 grant provided construction was completed in 2012. We met that goal on time!
  • To bring this village-owned property into ADA-compliance
  • To enhance our ability to tell Lombard’s stories through exciting and interactive exhibits
  • To add the capacity to host classrooms of students, and to offer expanded tours

Why did the Village of Lombard give money to this project?

  • Capital improvement of a village-owned property (sidewalks, sewer/water, and fire/burglar protection)
  • The village has maintained the carriage house since 1980 when it was placed on the Maple Street property
  • The Village also loaned money to the Historical Society to be repaid by 2015.

I love Lombard! How can I donate to this project?

  • Thank you! Visit our donation page for details.
  • We need $40,000 more to complete the project.

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